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Browser Mahjong 3D
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Have fun matching toy-themed tiles in Mahjongg Toy Chest

Use hints to spot matches you might have missed and undo to, well, redo a move

Complete each mahjong layout within the time limit

Mahjong Toychest is a brilliant online game that follows the standard rules of Mahjong and brings you the ultimate fun and addicting experience of playing the ancient Chinese game. In this game, you will have to match similar tiles as quickly as possible and score as high as you can.

Playing the game is fairly simple and is easy to understand without any hassle. All you need is a mouse to play this amazing game. You have to match two similar tiles in order to remove them from the grid. To do that, all you have to do is click on two matching tiles and they will automatically be removed. However, you can only remove free tiles that don’t have any other tile on top of them and have at least one side free from any obstruction.

Mahjong Toychest will never let you get bored with the huge variety of grid arrangements that this game has to offer. Every time you start the game, you will get a new and unique grid arrangement which will keep you hooked to the game for hours, bringing on new challenges for you to complete.

You only a have a limited amount of time in this game and this is why you will have to be as fast as you can while removing the tiles. The more tiles you remove, the higher you will score. Moreover, some tiles also have bonus prizes hidden inside them that can be collected by removing those tiles. At the end of the game, you get to submit your score and check out your ranking against players who have tried the same grid arrangement as yours before you.

As discussed before, the only thing stopping you will be the limited amount of time. Unfortunately, you cannot add to this time during the game. You will have to completely remove all the tiles from the grid using the limited amount of time you are given.

Mahjong Toychest features excellent graphics. With highly detailed tiles, it is quite easy to differentiate between the tiles, making the game play even better. Moreover, you can switch between two amazing views for the grid arrangement. Also, the sound effects and the amazing background music take this game on a whole new level of entertainment for the players. This is why the game is highly addictive and offers a great game play to the user.

Match two similar tiles in this exciting game of Mahjong. Never get bored with a huge variety of uniquely shaped grid arrangements. Discover hidden score bonuses in the matching tiles. Remove as many tiles as you can in a limited time to rank among the high scorers of the game. So what are you waiting for? Try out Mahjong Toychest for some endless entertainment right now. Mahjongg Toy Chest Resumo